Our Approach


I believe that Self-Care is a must for each of us.  My motto, if you will, is:

"You can't take care of anyone or anything else, until you take care of Yourself"

I want to make self-care and living a holistic lifestyle as easy as I can for myself, but also for you. I believe we can do this very simply, but also have a lot of fun with it.

My desire is to provide a space for us to share ideas, learn from each other, and most importantly - to grow.

Our Story

I created Dailgra after many attempts at names, some I liked and others, well, let's just say they just didn't do it for me.

I ended up combining two of my favorite Gaelic terms together, forming a life motto and what I want to create here for all of us:

Dáil means a coming together, a consultative gathering. a meeting of minds

Grá means love

By combining them I mean we are coming together in love, consulting and meeting all in love.

This is what I want to create here for all of us. A place for us to meet and exchange ideas with love in our hearts. Meeting together in love means there is no judgement, but there is acceptance.

Meet the Team

I'd love to say I have created this all on my own, but as we all know there are others that help us.  There are so many that have helped me on my journey, I have to thank them all separately.

The final stamp of approval, if you say so, are the four rescue cats that allow me to live in this house. Due to my love for them and the joy that they bring to my life, I also donate a portion of all profits from Dailgra to favorite charities.  Please visit our Causes page for more information.

Now, let's introduce the Feline Overlords (FO) to you before my lowly self!



FO Queen

Tuxedo Tortie female, 8 years old. Adopted and the Queen of the house



FO King

The Best Boy ever! Sweet as can be and loves to play fetch



FO Feral Born

Rescued from a Colony that was being displaced. Still a wild child



FO Newbie

The baby of the bunch, just rescued and finding her way



FO Servant

and then me, Loren

That's right, I'm taking the bottom billing here!  But, if you are owned by any pet then I am sure you are used to be the NON-important one in the house too.

I'm from the South, Florida to be exact, but I grew up in Atlanta (inside the perimeter). Yes, I DO have an accent!

I'm a bibliophile more than anything I think and always have been since I was born. I do love Nature and all her creatures as well, going for hikes and taking photos as often as possible.  Cats have always been my companions and yes, I have had many wonderful dogs in my life (there will be another when we move).

I believe in learning and sharing that learning as often as possible, which has led me to receive certifications for:  Reiki Levels I and II, Holistic Tarot, and Crystal Healing. I'm currently working on a Crystal Yogo Instructor certification as well.

I recently discovered that in addition to RAD (Reactive Airway Disease) I have Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (fatty liver) disease (NAFLD).  I had discovered this after changing my life to embrace a holistic lifestyle. Now this only means I have to work a little harder to reverse the damage in my body and help it heal.  The RAD, and now the NAFLD, started me on my holistic journey which I discovered isn't as simple as it sounds. To help simplify it, as well as create a life based in self-care, I wanted to create a community to help share what I have learned.

Next Steps...

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